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How many Google AdSense ads to place per 1 page

Till the third quoter of 2016 there was a strict restriction on the number of Adsense ads per 1 page. The policy of limiting AdSense ads per 1 page – limited this number to 3. But at the end of 2016 this limitation was cancelled.

How did Google explain this move?

“We’re always fine tuning our policies to make sure they reflect the current environment. In one recent change, we stopped limiting the number of AdSense ads that could appear on a page and instead now look at the overall balance of content and ads on a page. We think this better takes into account experiences like infinite scrolling and in-stream video. As always, we encourage publishers to keep the user experience in mind and require they have more original content than ads on the page. “

So can we place unlimited number of AdSense ads per one page? The answer is not unambiguous! (looking ahead – NO). Let’s go deeper and find answers for every question.

What they say on internet?

If you go through the search you will find a big number of articles and forums created by those who have never tried to place as many ad units as possible per 1 page. The majority of authors just share quotes without providing a real research and experiment. Major WRONG theses on internet about the number of ads on internet articles are:

  • There are no more limitations since 2016;
  • The bigger number of ads doesn’t bring more money;
  • The bigger number of ads ruins the user experience;
  • Every next ad-unit reduces the PageSpeed.

They are all wrong. And I have proven it. Go further and you will get all the proven answers.

How many Adsense ads for infinite scroll?

Nowadays there is a lot of web-sites which use infinite scroll for their mobile version. While scrolling down visitors see all new and new ads. But does it mean that all these ads are placed on a single page? The answer is no. Every time you scroll down to the end of a current page – you initiate the load of the next page and often the url changes. So technically the next ads are being loaded on the next page. That is why there is a myth that you can place an unlimited number of ads on infinite scroll.

It means that every time you scroll deep enough – you load a new page and bring the new Valuable Inventory on the screen which allows you to load new Adsense Ad Units. But how it works not for an infinite scroll but for a really-really long article? So let’s find out how many AdSense ads You can put per very long article?

How many AdSense ads per extremely long article?

The majority of the articles on internet do not exceed 3500 digits… But what if the topic is really complicated? What if it’s impossible to develop a theme completely even with 35 000 digits? Doe’s the author deserve to place more ads in such an article for his hard job?

I know many good articles which exceed 35 000 digits. It makes them extremely long but never the less visitors read them for up to 35 minutes. And unfortunately AdSense limits the number of ads you can place in such an article.

My experiment on the number of AdSense ads on 1 Page

I have picked 5 extremely long articles (desktop version) on 5 different domains and tried to place as many AdSense ads as possible. These articles were:

What was my surprise when I saw the result! First of all I should say that it was identical for every page and every domain for many days in a row… AdSense loaded ads only into the first 20 ad-units on the page and the rest were empty, Always. And what is more important – is that AdSense was filling those ad-units which were fist in the load queue but not first on the view while scrolling. So the correct answer for the question: “How many AdSense Ads can I place per one page?” is:

Approximately 20 filled Adsense Ads it is possible to place per one page!

The rest of the ads on the page most likely will be automatically filtered by AdSense internal protection for advertisers. I think AdSense provides such a protection to exclude fraud actions like programmatic loading of a million ads per page.

In such a case even the very low price per impression would bring a high profit to a fraud publisher and spend the money of advertisers for nothing.

Does more ads on the page always mean more income?

Does more ads on the page always mean more income?
More ads more money if you use better ads standards

To answer shortly – YES :). Let’s learn why.

Adsense provides internal auction. In simple words it accepts bids to sell the attention of the visitor. Of course if you sell 2 Adsense ads on the page instead of 1 – there will be a difference between these ad-units. The different active view, the different CTR and maybe the different size. So one will be more attractive and the second less attractive for the advertiser.

It means that one ad-unit will bring more income than another one. (not always the firs one is more expensive :)). This rule works for every next AdSense ad on the page. Even more, not every article is equally long. So for some of them the ad #6 may load and for some not. But the most important thing is that every next Ad-Unit you add on you page (using the best practices and better ads standards) – brings you extra money.

For Example:

  • 1 Unit = 1$
  • 3 Units = 2$
  • 6 Units = 3$

There will be a separate article on this topic. But to make a long story short the major rules are:

  • 1 full screen of content deserves 1 ad-unit – for mobile;
  • no more than 25% of the screen square for ads – for desktop.

Can I place more than 20 ads on a page which deserves it?

To answer shortly – YES :). Let’s learn how.

If you owe a website with extremely long articles, and you know that your readers go to the very end of each of them – I think you deserve even 20 and more ad units on the page. But what to do if 20 Adsense units is not enough for your Page?

In such a case you can solve this problem by using Both Adsense and AdExchange. In such a case the number of ads on the page may be risen up to 40+ ad units. Even I didn’t face a necessity to place more than 40 ad-units on the page, but is any community MH Member will face a practical necessity – I promise to fulfil the experiment and share the results.

IMPORTANT! If you think that you can’t get an AdExchange – go HERE or serf through other BLOG articles. It’s quite simple.

How extra Ads on the page effect the PageSpeed?

In general – the ads should not effect the page load speed. Doesn’t matter whether you have just one ad unit of 30 ad units on the page. As far as I know the majority of websites load ads simultaneously in such a case definitely they effect the load speed dramatically. But the right approach is to load content first to reach WebVitals 90+. If you setup the page load correctly ads wont effect the load speed at all.

Q&A about the number of ads per page

Doe’s more than 3 ads per page brake better ads standards?

No, read carefully the Better Ads Standards and you will see, that there should just be a correct ratio between the valuable content and Ads.

Is it possible that I put more ads on the page and my Adsense Income will drop down?

No, If you place them according to better ads standards – the income will most definitely rise.

Can they block my Adsense account because of more than 3 Ads per page?

No, I manage 5 Adsense account with more than 20 websites. Every website has 4+ per page.

Will the CPM of the first Ad-Unit drop down if I add the second one on the page?

In 85% of cases – NO. Especially if Ads are placed in different screens. For ex. 1st ad in the first screen and the 2nd ad in the third screen.

Does AdExchange ad-units bring more money than AdSense ad-units?

Sometimes AdX gives more and sometimes AdSense. The best choice is to combine them for RPM Growth.

Is it possible that Google will reduce mu positions if I place many ads on the page?

They have tried to implement a new score in search console. The special score for Ads. But it was removed after 2 days, during may 2021 Update. So the answer is NO. There is no active score for ads on search console. And If you use better ads standards – there will be no negative influence because of behavioural factor.

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