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RPM Growth

RPM – is the income you get out of 1000 page views. I can change it for you dramatically without breaking any rules…

What Defines RPM?

Frankly speaking a huge amount of factors. The major of them are:

  • traffic quality;
  • the average number of ads on the page;
  • the % of coverage;
  • the average CPM (price for 1000 impressions)
  • the average CPC (price per click)
  • the average CTR (click through rate)
  • bounce rate
  • scroll depth
  • etc.

There are dozens of techniques I have tested through years of experiments that directly influence these parameters. For every ad format and for every ad size and for every ad network there is the best place and the best mode to install the ad on the page.

Yes – Every website is unique. But the rules are common for everyone.

While writing these lines I run 7 experiments. At the same time I have in mind around 50 articles about successful experiments which are not produced yet. You may go to the BLOG section and get all this data for free to implement all the best practices on you website. But if you don’t have enough time or you are not sure you can manage all this by yourself – in such a case this page is a right place for you.

How does it work?

Phase 1 – brief analysis

Everything starts from the brief analysis. (1-3 working days) For readers it means a 50$ PayPal transfer. For Community members it is free. It means that I look through the traffic parameters and the ads using just external metrics and the page code. No need to grand access at all.

As a result you get a recommendation on which option(s) below will fit your website best. As Well for every option you will get an approximate revenue growth predict. Then You decide how to move forward.

Phase 2 – detailed analysis

After You have picked an option for further integration – there will rise a need to share real statistics. (1-3 working days) From Ad Networks, GA and Search console. There are 3 options on how to do it.

  • You prepare screenshots of requested data for me;
  • You give me a temporary access to Dashboards (24 hours would be enough)
  • We may go through stats using a screen-share via zoom of skype.

In any case all the data is private and I will sign NDA.

Phase 3 – preparation of terms of reference

After a brief interview – I take a pause (7 days) to prepare the terms of reference and make a sharp predict on potential revenue growth. We discuss implementation process and make a handshake agreement on the reward. (usually this is % of revenue rise for the first 6 month).

Phase 4 – Implementation

While implementation process – I will respond all the questions. After everything is done I will perform the examination.

Phase 5 – Reward

Well… Your RPM has grown. For ex. it was 1$ per a 1000 page-views and now it became 3$. For the first 6 month while which you get a higher profit – you pay me a part of extra 2$ you are getting now…

Phase 6 – Support

Active community members get constant support for free. It means troubleshooting, recommendations and newsletter about potential improvements every 3 month. For those who are not MH Members procedure goes from phase 1 to phase 6 every time there is an issue.

Fare and Simple.

RPM Growth options

For some publishers its is important to show a small number of “Beautiful” ads. Other publishers can live with more ads on their pages. But there are those for whom the only way to survive and develop is to Maximise the income.

Selfless RPM Growth option

This is an option for those who hate ads. But still want to get higher revenue out of the existing ad places. In such a case the RPM growth may be not so high (20-50% growth) but the implementation process will be simpler.

Optimal RPM Growth option

This option makes maximal profit without breaking any Better Ads Standards rules. (150-250% growth)

MaxRev RPM Growth option

In this option the readers will face little inconveniences with ads, but we will squeeze maximum of every page-view. (250-350% growth)

Q&A about RPM Growth

This section is one of the most complicated. So there may be frequent updates of the QA section. But this is the most fast and effective way to rise income by 50-350% within days.

What if after brief analyse you will see that it is impossible to perform RPM growth?

First of all I have never faced this situation before. BUT if it happens – I will give the money back and offer you a reward for the case study. (an opportunity for me to describe your case openly or anonymously).

What if we wont like your offers and refuse to implement them?

You pay for consulting only after you study and agree on the terms of reference. So if you don’t like – you just don’t pay.

What if after implementation there is no promised result?

I don’t ask for payment before performance. So there is no reason for me to spend time for nothing. Anyway In this case you get 100% money return + 100$ compensation for inconveniences.

What if we implement all the recommendations but wont pay?

In such a case I loose my time. You loose the membership lifetime and go to the MH blacklist. But there is no reason to do this because it is a revenue share. You just pay a small part of your extra income.

What happens on the 7th month after implementation?

All 100% of the Income rise are yours. You don’t pay me a share anymore.

What if someone publishes the terms of reference?

Anyway – all the theoretical data about case studies will be published in the BLOG section. If you will feel a need to share your case – I would Just ask you to make the guest post after review, to be sure the article represents everything correctly.


Let’s Grow Your RPM Together

It is a unique offer.

Download MH.txt into the root – 3 minutes. Send the initial payment to PayPal – 30$

And Get your RPM and income rise WITHOUT PAYING IN ADVANCE.