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How to increase AdSense CPC

How to increase AdSense CPC – majority of publishers sooner or later ask themselves, whether it is possible to rise AdSense CPC with a help of correct settings in their account. In this article I will go through popular advices on internet and explain whether they work and why. First of all we need to figure out how exactly AdSense defines a CPC for exact click.

How AdSense CPC bidding works?

Somewhere in California USA, there is a company with more than 10 000 employees. Best minds from all over the world. They all work hard to find the exact balance between the needs of advertisers (who pay money) and the platform (Google + Publishers). AdSense provides more than 30% of Google income, so it is a priority issue for them.

The goal is to make as fare auction as possible, simultaneously rising the benefits of all parties.

So looking ahead, there is no any opportunity that you can change the balance between Publisher and Advertiser with a few setting in interface developed by 10 000 programmers. They themselves are interested to make more money with your website. They have done a huge job over decades to reach current result.

How exactly AdSense CPC bidding works?

Every time a visitor opens the page on your website, an AdSense script sends data to google:

  • the ad size
  • the page url (+ content, domain etc)
  • the ad-unit stats (historical CTR, visibility, the ad size etc)
  • the visitor data (device, geo, gender, age, interests, history of previous visits etc.)

As You can see the CPC depends mainly on the user and the ad size and place on the web-page.

All the advertisers campaigns receive data about the lot (ad impression). For those advertisers campaigns to which this request is suitable (geo, size, gender etc) make bids. Then AdSense picks a set of highest bids (lets imagine 3000 campaigns made the same bid of 0,14$ per click) and makes a predict on the probability of click on this exact Banner by this exact visitor. The bid with higher probability wins.

So the more campaigns and ad sizes compete for your impression the higher is probability to get a high CPC. In other words to increase AdSense CPC you should make your impression attractive for as many ad sizes and as many advertises as possible. For more details read a Google support article.

Bad advices on how to increase AdSense CPC

A lot of bloggers on youtube and websites make content which promise to increase your CPC within a few minutes multiple times. They do it just to increase the number of visitors lying to their auditory. This is an easy money for them which they make on ad impressions for naive readers. So lets go through their offers…

bad advice on how to grow AdSense CPC
bad advice on how to grow AdSense CPC

Bad advice #1 – Block low CPC Ad categories

The main word is AUCTION. Keep in mind that for every ad impression on your web-site compete few million ad-campaigns from all over the world. Every time. Every time wins the one with the highest bid. If for some pages of for some categories of users wins the ad-category #8 with low CPC – it means that Ad-Campaign from this category made the highest bid from all.

If you cancel demand of ad-category #8 manually by settings – next time when the same user comes on the same page in the same ad-unit will win another category, for ex. category #6 with the bid lower then the bid of ad-category #8. As a result you will get rid of low CPC category #8 and at the same time will reduce the CPC of category #6.

You can ask: “What if I cancel the category #6 as well and cancel others with lower CPC as well?”

There is an answer. In such a case most definitely you will increase the average CPC rate. But the coverage, the number of clicks and the income will drop down dramatically.

Remember that AdSense is a mass market tool. From the box it was preset so to give good results for an average publisher. Bad choice to think you are more clever that 10000+ google employees.

Then why did they make this setting available – to block Ad categories?

This is simple. Imagine you have a beauty blog. And on some pages you promote your hand made natural cosmetics. Obviously you wouldn’t like the ads of other natural cosmetics brands on your pages, because selling your own brings more money than banner ads.

Another example – you make a blog about rising kids. You care ั„ะธะณะต your readers. Would be strange to show the ads about alcohol on your pages…

Bad advice #2 – Block Other entities

To make a long story short I will not dedicate a separate section for each of other bad advices on how to increase AdSense CPC. Because explanation is the same. The more bidders, the higher chance to get a good bid. Lot of bloggers offer to block:

  • Exact ads
  • Ad-Networks
  • URLs of advertisers
  • Ad types

All these blockings will lead to the reduction of income. 100% NO exceptions.

You should apply these blockings only when they harm the reputation of your brand or compete with your own product and you are ready to pay the price not to show them on your web-site.

Bad advice #3 – Reduce the number of Ad Units

Really, if you had a Big ad Unit in the first screen and two small ones after the article – deleting the last two will change stats. Your average AdSense CPC will rise. But the number of clicks and income will fall. Is it your goal? The longer the content the more ad units you should place to increase income. Here is an article on How many AdSense Ads to place per one page. Read it carefully before you delete any ad-unit.

Bad advice #4 – Run Google ads through 3-rd party platforms or software

Remember how many employees work on AdSense improvement every day? If somewhere in the world appears a software that can improve their result (rarely but happens) they BUY IT. All other services exist in majority of cases to take commission without any added value. Moreover some of them reduce the speed of google scripts and cutting off some data about user, reducing the CPM and CPC.

You should always remember that AdSense makes around 50% of what you make with AdSense. They are not your enemy hey are totally interested in your honest revenue growth. No need to fight them. Make friends and earn together!

Bad advice #5 – Run Google Auto ads

AdSense Auto Ads is something that aims to help those who are not willing to go deep in theory and spend time for optimisation but want to make money. Adsense Ads provide AVERAGE on the market ad-units displacement than will provide AVERAGE result instead of LOW.

If you read this article – it means you already spend your time ti find the way of optimisation.

As well you should remember that is AdSense has a choice between 3 clicks 0,5$ each (1,5$ total) and 2 clicks 0,74$ each (1,48$ total) – AdSense will pick the first option. So there is nothing in common between AdSense CPC growth and AdSense Auto Ads.

Good advices on how to increase AdSense CPC

If you are looking for a miraculous method on how to increase AdSense CPC by 10 time within 30 minutes – I advice you to skip the rest of the article. But if you acknowledge that the rise by 30% is a real victory – they go forward slowly and you will get your recipe. I will arrange advices from easy ones to more complicated for your convenience.

Good advice on how to increase AdSense CPC
Good advice on how to rise AdSense CPC

1. Turn everything ON to increase AdSense CPC

Result: Low (3-25%) but Fast

Imagine you have a blog about cars. Why not to show ads about delicate categories (e.g. dating websites or ads about whiskey brands) for your adult male auditory?

Don’t wary! Google automatically detects parameters (age, locations etc) for which these ads wont appear. No need for extra settings. Thy don’t like to pay Billion fines to governments.

By turning on as many categories, networks, advertisers, ad-types and exact ads as possible – you will rise the number of bidders (bids) per each ad size and per each ad-impression. So you will get a higher chances to get a higher bid. It’s so simple.

The potential result depends… But it will be positive. For those who manually cancelled a lot in past – the increase may be really-really noticeable. ๐Ÿš€

2. Use CTR median and AdX to rise AdSense CPC

Result: Low (10-20%) but Fast

Placing AdSense ad-units into the places with CTR higher than Median will rise the Average CPC on your website. More details you may find in this ARTICLE. But to make it short – you can use both AdSense and AdX simultaneously and in a very simple way define the best places for each platform to get the highest CPC (and CPM).

3. Grow your DA to rise CPC

Result: Average and Medium Term

At first sight these two metrics are not connected. But they a definitely connected indirectly and i will explain how. You should have faced the situation when you make a very good article on a very competitive (expensive) topic. This article may be so much better then those in TOP-10, but on your article it doesn’t rank high. This is because of Google ranking algorithm. To rank high on high frequency requests you should have a Good DA (and PA). So investing into a backlink profile in a smart way may pay-off within a few months. And for how to Rise DA you can read here.

4. Target new auditory to increase AdSense CPC

As we discussed at the beginning the AdSense CPC depends dramatically on the user. Particularly on the device and Geo. For ex. The average AdSense CPC made through latest iPhone model in New-York (๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ) will be at least 10 times higher than the click made in Sicily (๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น) made through an old android device.

So by creating a content dedicated to special (“more expensive”) groups of visitors you can Increase your AdSense CPC by multiple times.

How to do it? Let’s imagine you have a travel blog. And you make an article about the best places to visit on Aeolian Islands. Ad a paragraph about direct flights and briefly describe how to get here from several biggest Capital of the world. As well you can add another section or a link to separate article about 5 best IOS apps for comfortable travel on Sicily. These simple adjustments will make it possible to reach IOS users in Biggest Cities of the world.

5. Attract rich advertisers through contest to rise CPC

Result: Potentially High but very slow and costly

Most rich advertisers make ads not only online. They make ads as well on TV, billboards and Radio. If you think about the Title for the next article – consider what ads have you lately seen. Maybe you could have written an article on the topic connected to the ads offline.

Many advertisers give higher bids for impressions in the content connected to their goods.


Internet is full of bad advices promising high and easy results, but they just harm. Though it is possible to grow your AdSense CPC in different ways. But if too look wider on the issue – you will understand that CPC is not so important… Much more important is RPM. The wisdom is simple, just 5 steps:

If you fulfil these 5 steps you will never think about increase of AdSense CPC again.

FAQ about AdSense CPC

Why you say CPC is not the most important metric?

Because for rising income equals RPM x Number of PageViews. And RPM is a number of Ads on the page multiplied by coverage rate multiplied by CTR and multiplied by CPC. So focusing on one exact metric is a wrong approach.

What is the easiest way to Rise AdSense CPC?

Turn on as many categories, networks, advertisers, ad-types and exact ads as possible.

Why my AdSense CPC is so low?

The major factor which defines CPC is a visitor. Most probably your visitor are located in small cities and use not the most expensive devices.

What is an average AdSense CPC?

No one knows exactly except Google. But through my experience the average CPC is approximately between 0,03$ While war in Ukraine. and 0,7$ while economic growth periods in USA.

What is the Minimal AdSense CPC?

The minimal value tends to Zero. I have seen clicks with a price less than 0,001$.

What is the Maximum AdSense CPC?

My personal highest value click record was registered from Netherlands and the cost was 28,9$ for 1 click. But I am sure there are higher values.

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