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Google Ad Stocks provide around 70% of banner ads in the world. There are few websites in the wold which can reach the highest revenue without both AdSense & AdExchange

Why I need AdSense or AdExchange if I have direct ad requests?

If to answer with 1 word – it will be “Coverage”. Direct ads are good… Very good… because direct advertisers pay good CPM. The only issue is a coverage rate. You may sell 30% of your page views with let’s say 5$ CPM. But what about the rest 70%? Easier to go through an example.

What You get?

  • Your Website generates 100 000 page views per month.
  • Direct advertisers purchased 30 000 banner impressions (5$ per 1000 impressions)
  • You get 150$

What you loose?

  • Another 70 000 page views were not covered
  • AdSense and Adx give 0,6$ per 1000 impressions and cover 90% (0,9 x 70.000 = 63 000)
  • You potentially loose 63×0,6 = 37,8$

What else you loose?

  • Direct advertisers purchase only a few ad formats. All the rest of ad places are not covered
  • To serve direct ads you have to spend your own time or to pay salary to your employee
  • There is no guaranty you will have the same amount of orders every month.
  • In real life without AdSense and AdExchange you loose between 60 and 70% of income!

Which Ad-Stock has the best coverage rate?

AdSense Coverage rate

Adsense is mostly CPC (cost per clock) ad stock. Its coverage depends a lot on the website trust, its content and the traffic itself (geo/age/device). For well known websites with famous brand the coverage may be up to 98%. For small websites with not really competitive niche it may be 50%.

How can you effect coverage? Hm… Answer is not so simple. There are few actions you may undertake:

  • Rise visibility. Place only ads that will be seen in 60+% of page views. This will rise the attractiveness of each ad place and the website overall;
  • Create content in competitive themes. Contest is important. More likely “Mercedes” will place its ads into the article about the most Luxury cars of 2022 than into an article about how to plant some exotic flower.
  • Attract “more Expensive” readers. From big cities, with more expensive devices. For ex use Names of the cities and devices in your articles.
  • Promote you brand and build trust. Real Address and contacts. Listing in catalogues. Guest posts on really big websites, Live Groups in Social media etc.
  • Cut off bad traffic. Don’t bye traffic. It almost newer pays back…

All these steps will slowly grow your coverage rate. Maybe you were lucky and got 80+% from the very beginning. Well done!!! But what about the rest 20%?

AdExhange coverage rate

Why AdExchange is less popular?

  • The interface of AdManager (the service through which you will run the ads of AdExchange) – is more complicated than the interface of AdSense.
  • A Few people know how to get AdExchange running in the AdManager.
  • A Few people know how to work correctly with AdManager after it was setup.

But frankly speaking it’s quite simple, though there are no quality instructions over the internet. AdExchange for majority of publishers is Like a Unicorn. But it is possible to get it and learn how to work with it within a few days.

Is there an ad stock with 100% coverage?

Yes, there is!!! There are several Native-Ad Stocks. For my personal point of view the best one is MGID. Why MGID? There are several advantages:

  • Fast registration. The major advantage is that you get the dashboard at once, without long negotiations. Just click here and register.
  • Global coverage. It serves ads in almost every country of the world.
  • Reasonable CPC. Dependently on the country and niche they pay from 0,01$ to 5$ per click.
  • Easy money out. Just put your PayPal email and get your money payed monthly without any troubles.
  • Close to 100% cover rate.

By using such an Ad-waterfall you get extra money without adding a single Ad-unit to your website. Just rising your coverage rate up to 100%. Are you inspired? Either go to BLOG section and discover more data or:

How to Get AdSense account?

It’s quite simple. If you are a publisher (website owner) and you have real traffic just go to AdSense and register an account. This theme is widely described on internet. But there are some underwater rocks. So be patient and don’t hurry.

If you are a community MH member – you can get personal assistance through e-mail for free.

It is more difficult but accomplishable. First of all you should already have AdSense account. If you have AdSense account – then go through next check-list:

  • You have 3000+ unique visitors per day;
  • There is NO payed BOT traffic on your website;
  • Your website content is from the “white” niche (not porn; not pirate video; not violence etc);

If you don’t have enough organic traffic – then you should work on content or get the DA Growth to rank higher on

If all 3 “yes” – then most probably you can get AdX account within few days. Your website will be double-checked manually and you will receive an invitation to join AdExchange Ad-Stock.

If You are a community MH Member – then you website will be checked for Free. If you are a reader – then send 20$ transfer to (PayPal: [email protected]) and you will get your Web-Site check within 3-4 work days + a step-by-step help during registration + 1-st ad-unit setup.

How to get MGID account?

If your website is ok (close to AdX requirements) then just go and register to MGID. If you are a community MH Member – then you can get assistance through e-mail for free.

cove and get extra money

Let’s Grow Your Coverage Rate Together

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