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Web Vitals 90+

Every webmaster dreams about lightning-fast website… Dreams come true!

For whom it is going to work?

So many web-servers so many CMSs…

Let’s start with abstracts:

  • This method will work for 95% WP users;
  • For 75% of WP websites implementation process may take less than 1 week;
  • Everything we will need is free. (services, plugins etc.)

The method was tested on more than 20 websites. The minimal page speed score was 94. As the rest of the offers for the community members – implementation is payed after the result is achieved.

What are the steps to reach high page speed in a fast and effective way?

  1. DNS setup;
  2. WP loading optimisation;
  3. Special way of lazy loading ads;

DNS setup for Web Vitals

WP loading opt for Web Vitals

The goal β„–1 was to find the way of reaching the highest result without purchasing ANY plugins and subscriptions. 30$ for a plugin seems to be not so high price… But what if it’s a monthly payment? And what if I have 6 different websites? It would have meant 2160$ per year!!!

The goal β„–2 was to find the way of implementing the best practices without a programmer. Keeping a full-stack programmer nowadays can afford only really big companies. And hiring by hourly rate would mean a dependency and costs every WP, Plugins and Theme update.

I have spent more than 600 working hours testing different productivity plugins. And now I can set up the highest score in web vitals for almost every WP website within several hours.

Special way of lazy loading ads

You may have a blazing fast website (WP after installation without plugins is so…) but when you place the firs ad on your page – the PageSpeed score drops down dramatically. Let’s figure out why it happens?

First of all the ads are being served not from your server but from third party resources. It takes time to connect to their domains, fulfil scripts and download assets. Don’t forget about third party backend processes. It takes SECONDS to serve an ad. Another issue is that this process takes place simultaneously with the loading process of your website, so they are slowing down each other even while being loaded using differ method or asynchronous loading.

As a result – instead of 95 – you get 61 or even 43 points… And visually it is really slow…

And the major issue is that you can’t serve ads from your server, you can’t influence the backend processes on ad servers, you cant skip the loading of ad-assets… But you can do something else. In a smart way!

Let’s keep in mind that the user came to your website not to see ads but to consume some content. So why not to load the whole content first and only then after the content was loaded – load ads in prepared places? It works miraculously.

Let’s imagine you have ads below the article, under the 5th paragraph and between reco-content. We all acknowledge that the user wouldn’t see any of these ads within first 5 seconds on the page. So why do we load the whole page with these ads during 4 seconds instead of loading the first screen lightning fast and only then starting to load ads?

It is possible and even more, it is quite easy.


After implementing these 3 steps your website will be faster than 95% of competitor websites. Users will be happy and income will rise because of lower bounce rate and higher Organic traffic. Want to try by yourself? – Welcome – Go to the BLOG section.

Need an assistance? Here is the way how to get it:

Q&A about Web Vitals 90+

First of all I should Say that this setup goes well with RPM Grows assistance. And If you decide to implement them together simultaneously – you will get even higher results.

Can I get assistance if I don’t place ads on my pages?

Yes, of course! The first two steps are easier to Implement. An the price just for them would be fix = 150$ (for MH Members only)

Can i get assistance if I am not an MH member?

Sorry but no. This is something that only an MH Member can get.

How much will it cost to get assistance on all 3 steps all inclusive?

It depends a lot on how many ad servers you use, which of them and how many ad units you use. The approx amount is between 300-700$. Final – after a review.

Do I have to pay before the result?

No. If you are an MH Member – you will pay after you see 90+ on PageSpeed Insights.

What If I become a member and WebVitals 90+ wont work for me?

I will give you back the membership fee + a year of free membership. But it most likely will if you are a WP user.

Can this setup potentially rise the server load?

NO! Most definitely it will reduce it.

No. Search Console will Like it πŸ™‚

Let’s Fix you Web Vitals together

It is a unique offer.

Become an MH Member and contact me

And Get your 90+ score and traffic boost within a few days.